Google’s Duo or Do Over?


Last week I was super excited to hear about Google’s–new but old–venture back into the land of mobile video chatting. Google is no stranger to video chatting, but I feel it has struggled a bit with getting it just right and seamless with Google Hangouts. However, the company that bears logo of a piece fruit that looks like someone took a bite out of it has somehow mastered the art of simplicity, ease of use, and convenience for video chatting via with their indestructible Facetime app. If you have an iPhone, you probably feel the same.

The biggest feature that attracted me to Duo was the ability for iPhone users to video chat with green people aka Android users without having to go through the whole email address bs to make sure everyone was signed up, online, and connected. You only need a phone number. I’ve used Duo with my sister who has an Android and the experience wasn’t bad, but there were a couple of notification about video and audio quality…which bothered me a little bit.

Sorry Google, this isn’t a Facetime killer…or even close. Go back to the drawing board.


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